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There are several options available to students for financial aid. Please take a look at the following sites and reach out to the ICJA team with questions.

  • Illinois Student Assistance Commission – The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) is a one-stop financial aid center for all college planning needs.
  • FAFSA Online – Provides information on federal financial aid and tips for completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid on the Web.
  • College Board Online – Financial aid information for parents and students.
  • College Board Need Analysis – Analysis tool for predicting need based aid eligibility.
  • Student Financial Aid – Provides links to Internet sources of information about student financial aid.
  • College Savings Plan – Go to “Tools & Calculators” section and scroll down to “What will it take to save for a college education” under “Money Management Tools”. Find out how your current college savings plan measures up.
  • TERI – The Education Resources Institute, Inc. is a nonprofit sponsor of private loans for education.
  • Sallie Mae – Sallie Mae sponsored college financial planning website.
  • Schoolsoup – Free search of over 32 billion dollars in scholarships
  • Find scholarships – Based on your academics, talents & interests
  • Scholarship Experts – Scholarship database of 2.4 million scholarships
  • Fastaid
  • Merit Aid – The largest private sector scholarship database in the world
  • Finaid – A comprehensive directory of merit scholarships
  • Graduate Tutor – Links to all sorts of aid; scholarships, grants & loans

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