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Cheating and stealing have no place in a Torah setting where relationships and honesty are cherished. All work must be your own. Acknowledgment must be given for all work not your own–this includes words, ideas and art. When working collaboratively on a project, all participants names must be included and all are equally responsible for proper citing of sources.

Any form of plagiarism, or cheating on tests, quizzes, projects or papers will result in a zero on the assignment, disciplinary probation, and loss of candidacy for National Honor Society and other honors.

The report of the violation will be placed in the student’s permanent record and may result in suspension or expulsion.

In order to prevent plagiarism, all major written assignments must be submitted electronically to a service,, which assesses each paper for originality. Students will be given the necessary information for registering for each of their classes in order to submit written work.

Inappropriate Behavior

When students enroll in the Academy, they join a community that seeks to support one another both in and out of school. It is for this reason that what Academy students do outside of school, as members of an Academy community, is our concern. Therefore, all events that involve Academy students must not only conform to standards of safety (physical, emotional, etc.) but also to halachic standards (e.g. Shabbat, Kashrut, appropriate male/female interaction and modesty). Any student sponsoring an event in violation of this norm will face suspension and possible expulsion from the school. Students participating in such events and violating the expected norms of behavior of an Academy student may face consequences from the school.

The use of any illegal substance, such as drugs or alcohol, or the smoking of cigarettes, either on school premises or at any school activity, is prohibited. Any student found possessing, consuming, or selling alcoholic beverages or any other controlled substance, either on school grounds or during school activities will face expulsion.

The internet offers great opportunities and poses great dangers.  We encourage families to install appropriate filters on all devices connected to the internet. ICJA will hold students responsible for what they post on the internet, both in and out of school.

In addition, the possession of any object that may be construed as being dangerous (e.g. pen knife, gun, fireworks), either on school grounds or during school activities, is prohibited. Any student found possessing such an object will face suspension and possible expulsion from the school.

Finally, it is expected of all ICJA that students that exhibit respect for teacher and peers. If for any reason, a teacher asks a student to leave the classroom, that student is expected to go directly to Mr. Harris, and wait until an administrator issues a re-admit note.

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